Port Khalifa Parking System to be controlled by Long Range RFID

Port Khalifa Parking System to be controlled by Long Range RFID

Port Khalifa's parking system to be controlled by Long Range RFID

January 18, 2012

Khalifa Port - RFID Parking Access ControlThe Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi to have its first RFID solution for vehicle access control supplied by Omnitec Security Systems with the partnership of Tyco Fire & Security LLC. Khalifa Port is a key enabler for the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi. The Phase 1 of Khalifa Port, ADPC’s flagship port, is scheduled to open in Q4 2012 with the Ultra Modern Deepwater Seaport and will offer Kizad tenants direct access to deepwater loading and unloading facilities, enabling easy import of bulk raw materials and export of finished goods.

The Port’s flexible Masterplan provides for phased capacity growth over the next 40 years, in line with the development of Kizad. Khalifa Port will initially offer an annual capacity of 2 million containers a year plus 8 million tonnes of bulk and breakbulk cargo. It will grow over a number of phases and will eventually be able to handle 15 million TEUs and 35 million tonnes of bulk cargo, with Emal handling 4 million tonnes of cargo a year at its exclusive berth.

The role of Khalifa Port is to accommodate Mina Zayed’s traffic as well as the new cargo generated by Kizad, set to become one of the world’s biggest industrial zones. Khalifa Port will become one of the biggest ports in the world when all phases are completed.

Khalifa Port features the latest technology and is designed to accommodate the largest ships. Apart from the EMAL berth which became operational on November 3rd 2010, infrastructure for Phase 1 of the port will be completed in Q4, 2012 with an initial capacity to handle of 2 million TEUs container traffic and 12million tons of general cargo annually. Through phased development up to 2030, Khalifa Port will grow to a capacity of 15 million TEUs and 35 million tons of general cargo.

Khalifa Port is being constructed on a reclaimed port island situated more than four kilometres out to sea. This is to help protect the Ras Ghanada coral reef, adjacent to the onshore port areas. The port island itself is large enough to host 340 soccer pitches. The initial quay length alone is 3.2 kilometres.